Audio for Video – Webinar

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  1. Using a Shure SM 58, would I use a mono audio cable or stereo to go into a Canon Vixia, consumer cam? And are you available for further questions after this webinar?

  2. Whether it was the Internet, the presenter’s – webinar’s link, software, or equipment, video was frequently having to ‘load’, audio dropped out multiple times, and I would have to give Video Maker one of lowest report grades – scores I’ve ever assigned, based on 100 being ‘perfect’ this webinar may have been a 47 to 49.

  3. Regarding your Audio for Video Webinar today, I was having audio problems during your response on parabolic vs shotgun and the clap questions. Audio was gone for 10 to 20 seconds. Overall good beginner and intermediate class. Thanks, Bob Larson

  4. Enjoyed the info. Suggestion for next time, have someone else operate the computer/switcher and screen the questions so you can concentrate on your presentation.

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