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The Last Broadcast is A First: The Making of a Digital Feature

Find out how Lance Weiler and Stefan Avalos made a feature-length video -- one of the first of its kind -- shot and edited entirely on consumer-level digital eqipment. You won't believe how little it cost them.

"It's like we're standing on the North Pole..."

"And the snow's flying everywhere!"

"And we've got the flag ..."

"And it's spinning in circles!"

"And you can't see a thing ..."

"Like the static on a TV!"

"But you know it's there somewhere ..."

"And we're gonna find it!"

Lance Weiler and Stefan Avalos's arms are waving wildly as they recount their journey into the uncharted territory of digital features. They waded through rivers of tape, fields of cameras, upgrades, downfalls, bugs and crashes until finally they planted their flag in the belly of The Last Broadcast, their new feature-length video and one of the first of its kind, shot and edited entirely on consumer-level digital equipment. So, guys, how was the trip?

Who Are They, Anyway?
"It's the most fun I've ever had with a project," says Weiler whole-heartedly. "We're just twisting it all up!" says Avalos excitedly, referring to their approach to videography.

Both live in the heart of Bucks County, Pennsylvania in towns that aren't even on the map. They met when Avalos was a lab assistant and Weiler was a student at Bucks County Community college. Graduating in 1989, Avalos did grip work and pyrotechnics, then began writing his first feature, The Game. As for Weiler, curiosity took him to Santa Cruz and the 1989 earthquake brought him back. He graduated in 1992 and has worked his way up through the filmmaking ranks to become an assistant cameraman, a job that has taken him all over the world.

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Tags:  November 1997
Sat, 11/01/1997 - 12:00am