YouTube is running Article 13 pop-ups warning users about the copyright proposal

YouTube has replaced its “ad-free” service pop-up with another that warns users about the European Union’s proposed copyright law: Article 13.

Article 13 is one part of a proposed European Union copyright legislation that’s received extreme backlash not just from online content creators but also from YouTube itself. Many have said that Article 13 in its current state would result in a massive purge of YouTube channels.

Essentially, the article will make YouTube, not individual creators, liable for copyright infringement. This would force YouTube to take down the channels in violation to avoid a countless number of legal troubles. The article will undoubtedly affect all creators who use content that isn’t theirs, which makes up a good portion of YouTube. Channels like Screen Junkies, Phil de Frano, Screen Reactions, and even current YouTube king Pewdiepie.

YouTube has been very vocal about its strong opposition to the Article. YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki voiced her concern last week, claiming the article would be financially impossible. “No company could take on such a financial risk,” Wojcicki wrote.

YouTube is raising awareness about Article 13

To raise awareness and to warn YouTube users and creators about the massive changes that Article 13 will implement, the company’s been running small pop-ups during videos. The pop-ups take those that click it to YouTube’s standalone website that explains the possible effects Article 13 could have on how we consume and create content.

YouTube users across Europe have seen the pop-ups while they were watching certain videos. The response to the pop-ups has been positive. Many are praising YouTube for raising awareness about Article 13 before the final vote in January 2019. This article will not only affect Europe either. It could block channels from the United States, hurting so many independent creators that have made careers on YouTube.

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's managing editor.

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