The X-T3 now shoots 4K 60 FPS Video

FUJIFILM has just drop some major news for the X-T3. Not only is the company dropping the mirrorless camera 4GB, but it’s adding 4K HDR video shooting.

The X-T3 has been overwhelming successful since its September release. Though with a 26.1 MP sensor that shoot 4K UHD at 60 FPS with a competitive price, that’s not super surprising. However, that doesn’t mean the camera doesn’t come with its flaws, one of them being its 4GB clip limit.

But in an interview at Inter BEE 2018, News Shooter reports has reported that Fujifilm will be removing the 4GB clip limit and adding 4K HDR video recording in HLG.

No more 4GB clip limit

It’s a game-changer for X-T3 that FUJIFILM is removing the 4GB clip limit. It is really limiting on longer shooting to have this limit. Now, as long as you have an SD card with 64GB or higher, files won’t be separated past 4GB.

4K HDR Video in HLG

The firmware update will allow X-T3 owners to better their cameras and video shoots with 4K HDR video recording in HLG. The benefits of HLG are greatly impactful. It widens a camera’s range of highlights and shadows. Just see the huge difference between shooting in SDR and HDR in the video below:

And the firmware update doesn’t just upgrade the camera’s video shooting to 4K HDR in HGL and removes the 4GM clip limit. It also allows users to record in F-log to an external record while recording a Film Simulation image directly onto the camera. This firmware is just sweetening the deal for many X-T3 users.