Wirecast Users Can Now Stream Using BoxCast

BoxCast announced today that its successfully integrated Telestream Wirecast with its BoxCast Platform — a live stream video encoder.

This integration is a big deal for Wirecast users because they can now stream directly to the BoxCast platform.

What does Wirecast add to BoxCast?

So — for those of you that aren’t familiar with Telestream Wirecast — it’s a video production software that creates live video webcasts from multiple sources to using multiple cameras. Now that Wirecast is integrated with BoxCast, BoxCast claims “[Wirecast] users can now easily stream high-quality video using BoxCast’s advanced, cloud-based platform.”

Besides that, Wirecast users will now have access to features like:

  • Single Source Simulcasting
  • Ticketed Monetization
  • Password Protection
  • Video Embedding
  • Cloud Transcoding
  • Live Support

How to Stream from Wirecast to BoxCast?

With the BoxCast’s RTMP video ingestion option, select BoxCast as a stream destination from Wirecast. From there, Wirecast will be able to stream directly to BoxCast. It will transmit over RTMP and use the computer’s for encoding the video and audio.

A Single-Use or Static RTMP Channel setup can be used, however both setups need to be done within 10 minutes of the broadcast.

Also, you can choose to send the Wirecast program output to a secondary HDMI or SDI output plugged into the BoxCaster or BoxCaster Pro.

Pricing and Availability

BoxCast integration with Telestream WireCast is available right now. And finally, BoxCast is offering a variety of annual streaming subscription options for Wirecast users with varying prices and features. For more info about the pricing options, go to boxccast.com/pricing.

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's managing editor.

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