Vimeo users can now publish directly to LinkedIn

Vimeo has added a new feature to its platform that’ll let you publish videos directly to LinkedIn. It can be found within the site’s “Publish to Social” tool.

The “Publish to Social” tool has been around since earlier this year. It let users upload their videos to multiple sites at once as a part of all Plus, PRO, Business, and live plans.

The first video platform to integrate with LinkedIn

Vimeo says it’s the first video platform to integrate LinkedIn. This move demonstrates Vimeo’s commitment to being a destination for pro and intermediate videographers to use. The integration is geared toward Company Pages. This feature could allow companies to use video in numerous ways to conduct business and connect with its community.

Microsoft last summer released a new feature for LinkedIn that allowed its users to upload videos to the platform with its iOS or Android mobile app. The feature aimed to give users the ability to showcase their work and promote products.

“Video has become one of the key drivers for member engagement on LinkedIn, and businesses who want to start a conversation with their audiences are increasingly turning to Company Page videos,” said Peter Roybal, principal product manager at LinkedIn, in a statement about the partnership with Vimeo. “Our new integration with Vimeo is an exciting step for anyone who wants to gain more exposure, and understand their reach to LinkedIn’s highly-engaged professional audiences,” he added.

Vimeo will also provide LinkedIn analytics

Creators will also receive analytic tools for their videos. They’ll have access to data like video viewership, engagement, and performance stats. They can be found on Vimeo’s dashboard.

Those creators will have access to marketing tools from the updated dashboard. They’ll further customize and monetize content according to Vimeo.

Video booms business

LinkedIn reports, using its own data, that video creates a big boost for businesses. The LinkedIn Company Page videos see five times the engagement than any other type of post.

It makes sense. Users are more likely to expand their reach pushing videos from Vimeo to places like LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube than using embeds or links because native uploads are often preferred.

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's Managing Editor.

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