Vimeo Redesigns Album Feature to Better Showcase Your Videos

Vimeo wants to make it easier for their paid members to share their videos with the world. So, they’re making albums customizable and video playlists embeddable for those members.

“We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve rolled out all-new ways to showcase your work: now you can customize albums for more control over how you present your work, or embed them as video playlists on your website,” Vimeo recently announced in a blog post.

Embeddable playlists

After this update, Vimeo Plus members can create a playlist of their videos and embed the list into websites — allowing creators to showcase their work on their own sites.

A wide variety of creators can benefit from the improvements, “ … from video pros with film reels, to marketers with thematic webinars, to businesses with a related series product how-tos — or anyone else looking to engage viewers with a group of videos, perfectly curated by you,” says Vimeo.

Customizable albums

PRO members — or Vimeo Business or Premium members — can now customize their Vimeo-hosted album pages. According to Vimeo, users will be able to change the “look and feel” of their albums in a matter of minutes. Users can select a layout option, add a custom logo, and choose accent colors.

From there, they’ll have the option to either share the album publicly or password-protect it so only people with the password can access it.

Looking for a better way to showcase your work

While these features aren’t open to Vimeo users with a basic memberships, they do give those with paid subscription more creative power to present their Vimeo videos the way they want.

“Thanks to these updates, you can now present your work, your way, and share groups of videos more beautifully than ever,” says Vimeo, “— from playlists you can embed on your site, to customizable albums you can present in minutes.

At the end of Vimeo’s announcement, the company gave a nod to the future — claiming there’s “much more in store for these tools!” So it seems we can expect more updates coming to Vimeo’s album feature.

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Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's managing editor.

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