Panasonic Previews the AW-UE150: a 4K/UHD Remote Camera with a Wide Viewing Angle

Panasonic at INFOCOMM announced the AW-UE150, a new 4K remote camera that will offer 4K/UHD, 60p capture and a horizontal 75.1 degrees viewing angle.

The UE150’s 60p capture capabilities is a first for the broad-class PTZ. Also its viewing angle is the widest viewing angle in its class, according to Panasonic.

As for its sensor, the UE150 will sport a 1-inch MOS sensor and a 20X optical zoom along with what Panasonic calls a “seamless intelligent zoom,” the i Zoom. The 4K interfaces supported will include 12G-SDI, HDMI, optical fiber and IP.

Panasonic says that with the UE150’s HDR mode, support of numerous 4K interfaces and simultaneous 4K/HD output, the camera is ready for higher-end applications in broadcasting, production, corporate, events and staging, education, and House of Worship.

“The UE150’s step-up in resolution, lensing and interfacing present a clear 4K upgrade path and a new generation of workflow for such premium PTZ applications as high-end enterprise, and broadcast/production applications,” said Delix Alex, Product Manager, Panasonic System Solutions Company. “This new class of PTZ camera will be introduced alongside the industry leading AW-HE130, giving users two different premium integrated PTZ camera selections with unique feature sets and applications.”

INFOCOMM also revealed a new remote controller for high-end PTZs

Panasonic additionally announced the AW-RP150, a new remote controller that will work with the UE150 as well as other higher-end PTZs from Panasonic and other remote cameras. According to Panasonic, the RP150 offers “significant” improvements over prior models by including a joystick that’s operable with just one-hand and a large touch-panel LCD screen. The RP150 also adds an SDI input to the LCD panel.

Pricing and Availability

Both the UE150 and RP150 are expected in Winter 2018 for $12,000 and $5,000, respectively.

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's managing editor.

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