Image of the GH5 being held

Panasonic has announced a couple of new firmware updates to a few of their LUMIX mirrorless cameras: the GH5, GH55 and the G9.

According to Panasonic, these updates are looking to enhance these three mirrorless cameras’ “performance and usability.” A few of these updates include improved features like Autofocus performance, new monochrome Photo Styles and better video audio.

Here’s the rundown for the the key features being added to the GH5, GH5S and G9:


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LUMIX DC-GH5 Firmware Ver.2.3

Improved of AF performance

The AF tracking performance in video been improved along with AF speed at 180 degrees when displaying the shutter speed in degrees.

Improvement of Body Image Stabilizer performance

There were a few cases of peripheral distortion in video while walking and using Panasonic’s H-F007014 and H-E08018 wide zoom lenses. This problem is reportedly fixed.

Improvement of sound recording performance

Panasonic’s also improved the noise reduction performance of the GH5’s internal noise cancelling microphone.

Other notable new features and upgrades

The firmware update adds L. Monochrome D and grain effect to the GH5. The L. Monochrome D should capture even darker tones and great contrast, while the grain effect can be added and adjusted in Photo Style. There’s also now MF Assist, which offers more “accurate manual focusing for stills or moving images, thanks to up to 20x magnification,” according to Panasonic.

LUMIX DC-GH5S Firmware Ver.2.3

Improvements to the AF

The GH5S is also getting an AF upgrade, but this firmware improves photo shooting in low-light, low-contrast environments.

Better sound recording

Like the GH5, the GH5S’s sound quality has been improved by Panasonic optimizing the noise reduction performance of the internal noise cancelling microphone.

Other notable new features and upgrades

The GH5S is also getting L. Monochrom D and grain effect. Also now focus ring lock can be assigned to the Fn button in recording mode.

LUMIX DC-G9 Firmware Ver.1.1

AF performance improvements

Panasonic’s improving the G9’s AF tracking in video recording.

Body Image Stabilizer improvements

Just like with the GH5, the peripheral distortion problem with the H-F007014 and H-E08018 lenses, that has been fixed on the G9.

High Resolution Mode improvements

Now, a minimum F11 aperture can be used and the motion correction for the G9 has been improved. Also the bug where the High Resolution Mode force-quit when switching to playback mode has been fixed.

Sound recording performance

The G9’s internal noise cancelling microphone is also getting noise reduction performance improvements.

Other notable new features and upgrades

Expect L. Monochrome D and Grain Effect on the G9, too, along with Maximum 20x enlarged view in MF Assist and Focus Ring Lock assigning to the Fn button in recording.


These firmware updates will be released on May 30th through the LUMIX Customer Support Site.

You can learn more about these updates at the GH5, GH5S and G9’s update pages.