Olloclip's Connect X lens system

Olloclip has designed a new mobile lens mount specifically for Apple iPhone X. It’s called the Connect X lens system and it features a mount that covers the iPhone X’ dual rear-facing cameras as well as its front-facing camera.

Interchangeable Lenses

As with a lot of mobile mounts, Olloclip’s allows you to swap out lenses, but Olloclip also allows you to use just one mount for both the front and back cameras. The mount can come with a number of different lenses, like a telephoto lens or a macro lens. You also don't technically need a special phone case to use the lenses, but it doesn’t work with phone cases, unless you buy the company’s 29 dollar slim case. It does work with back skins however.


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The other downside is that the mount blocks the TrueDepth camera, meaning you’ll have to remove the mount if you need to use Face ID. Also, previous Olloclip lenses will not work with the Connect X mount, so you will have to buy new lenses.


How Many Lenses are Currently Available?

In total there are six lenses available for the Connect X mount: a Super-wide, a Ultra-wide, a Fisheye + Macro 15X, a Telephoto, a Marco 14x + 7x, and a Macro 21x lens.

The Super-wide is a four-element lens that offers up to 120-degree visibility, while the Ultra-wide lens offers a 155-degree field-of-view. The fisheye lenses gives a 180-degree wide-angle spherical effect, and with the Macro 15x, you'll get a 15x increased magnification. As for the telephoto lens, it offers 2x optical zoom.


Pricing and Availability

The Olloclip Connect X is available now. The starter box set includes the mount, the fish eye lens, the super-wide lens, and the macro lens for 99 dollars. Go to to learn more.

Sean Berry is a blogger and Videomaker's Associate Editor.