Rylo Adds 180-degree Video Capture and Bluetooth Connectivity

Rylo, the startup company behind the Rylo 360 video camera, is releasing a couple of new software features to further improve Rylo’s overall functionality and use as an action cam.

The Rylo’s new 180-degree mode makes it a better action cam

360 cameras offer a lot to the action cam market, but there’s a few things that they aren’t too good at, like being chest-mounted. Half of the video is going to be unusable. To account for this, Rylo is adding a 180-degree mode for its camera. The mode will make the Rylo a lot more flexible, allowing it to capture 360 video when it needs to and 180 when that’s the better option.


Rylo says that the mode will offer “increased resolution and better image quality.”

Bluetooth is coming

One of the initial complaints about the Rylo was there was no remote connectivity. But now, the Rylo will have Bluetooth remote capture, allowing you to switch between recording modes, start and stop videos, and take photos with your phone.


Rylo also adds motion blur

Users can now add Motion Blur to time-lapse shots. Once selected, the motion blur effect with be tied to the time-lapse speed. The faster the video is moving, the greater the blur. The effect will be visible once the video is exported.



All of these features are available now through Rylo’s Android and iOS apps, expect for Bluetooth on Android devices. Rylo says that Bluetooth connectivity on Android devices will be available soon. To learn more about the Rylo, go to rylo.com.

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's managing editor.

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