Evolution Wireless G4 system being used on set

Sennheiser is getting ready to release the fourth generation of the popular ew 100-p series and the new 500-p series this April, claiming these new systems will “offer best-in-class wireless transmission for content creation, broadcast and film.”

“We are pleased to expand evolution wireless G4 with a highly professional camera series for ENG, film work, reporting, and content creation,” said Dennis Stegemerten, product manager for evolution wireless G4. “The new ew 500-p series features exciting set components such as the MKE 2 lavalier mic, which has been the professional’s choice for decades.”

ew 100-p



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Included in the latest ew 100-p series offering are a 135-p G4 Portable Handheld Set and two Portable Lavalier Sets, an ew 112-p G4 (omni), an ew 122-p G4 (cardioid). Also available is the ew 100 G4 ENG Combo Set, which offers both plug-on and bodypack transmitters with an omni-directional ME 2-II clip-on microphone.

Sennheiser claims that the user interface of the 4th-gen ew 100-p series will allow for faster set-up and better control thanks to 12 compatible frequencies. Additionally, the ew 100-p output power goes up to 30 mW. The housing for the SKM 100 G4 has also been made with lighter aluminum for easier use.

ew 500-p


As for the new ew 500-p series, offerings include the ew 512-p G4 Pro Portable Lavalier Mic Set, which features a camera receiver, bodypack transmitter and professional MKE 2 lavalier mic, along with various accessories. The series additionally features the ew 500 BOOM G4 Pro Portable Boom Set, which provides a camera receiver, phantom power equipped plug-on transmitter and additional accessories. Finally, there's the ew 500 FILM G4 Combo Set, consisting of both bodypack and plug-on transmitters, a MKE 2 lavalier mic, a camera receiver and other accessories.

When compared to the ew 100-p series, Sennheiser says the ew 500-p operates with a higher switch bandwidth. The ew 500-p 88MHz bandwidth more than doubles the ew 100-p’s 42 MHz bandwidth. With a higher bandwidth, Sennheiser claims the ew 500-p will offer “a higher channel count and easier channel allocation in congested RF environments.” Additionally, the ew 500-p is reported to offer higher power for longer reach. While the ew 100-p maxes out at 30 mW, the ew 500-p can go up to 50mW, also offering 10mW and 30mW output settings.

The 500-p’s housing is less sensitive to moisture, according to Sennheiser. Additionally, the 500 Series has up to 32 compatible channels and the SKP 500 G4 features phantom power and can be used with various different types of microphones, unlike the ew 100-p, which can only be used with dynamic microphones.

Pricing and Availability

Both the ew 100-p and ew 500-p are expected to be released the middle of this month.

The new G4 series is fully compatible with all previous evolution wireless generations, so you won’t have to worry about having to replace evolution gear you already own. The base prices for the ew 100 G4 system starts at 549 dollars, while the base price for the ew 500 G4 system is listed as 899 dollars. You can check out bhphotovideo.com for all the different cofigurations avaliable for the ew 100-p and ew 500-p. For more information visit en-us.sennheiser.com.