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Congrats to Vimeo! Vimeo OTT is our pick for Best Monetization Tool of NAB 2018.

Vimeo OTT — over the top — allows users to easily launch a subscription video service through which they can distribute and monetize content on the web and in custom apps across a number of mobile and smart TV platforms. In addition to on-demand video streaming, Vimeo OTT also supports live streaming.

Vimeo OTT provides the tools needed to launch a video subscription service.

Depending on the subscription tier, the service includes access to Vimeo’s customizable video player, payment processing, branded app support and advanced selling options like ad sales and digital rights management tools. Vimeo also touts a flexible API that allows developers deeper customization options.


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Along with that, Vimeo OTT provides video analytics and customer data as well as an integrated content management system. 24-hours support and migration assistance are also included.

Pricing scales with user needs.

There are three different pricing tiers for Vimeo OTT: Standard, Standard + Apps and Enterprise.

The Standard plan provides support for web subscriptions starting at 1 dollar per month per subscriber. Pricing for the next tier starts at 500 dollars and adds support for app integration across platforms. The Enterprise tier is the most robust, and pricing  varies.

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  1. Be aware that Vimeo limits you to a 30GB file unless you know about the workaround through dropbox. They also recommend compression on a H264 format to 8bps – 13 bps which for me, looks terrible for my nature videos. They have very little information on their uploading process and their support team seems to not know very much. They say the 30GB limit is because  of the browser limit which is not true because I upload masters that are 100GB and more. Anyone else have issues with Vimeo?

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