GoPro’s Handing Out Major Discounts for Any Used Digital Camera — Even if It’s Broken

GoPro is trying everything it can to get you to buy its latest action cameras, even if that means handing out huge discounts. The company is bringing back its TradeUp program in the US, offering up to 100 dollar discount on the GoPro Fusion and up to 50 bucks off the GoPro HERO6 Black if you trade in any old digital camera, GoPro-branded or not.

GoPro first introduced this program last year, but it was only temporary, intended to be a 60 day promotion. Also, the program was strictly closed to GoPro manufactured cameras only. The new TradeUp program, however, will be permanent and accepts any digital camera no matter its condition or manufacturer. The only catch is the camera had to cost at least 99 bucks when it was new.

You can trade-in multiple cameras, but according to the program’s FAQ forum, only one discount can be applied to each camera purchase. So there goes getting a free Fusion — but a 100 dollar discount isn’t too shabby.

How the process works

The entire process seem fairly straightforward. The first step is to head to the TradeUp program’s website. You then select whether you want to get 100 bucks of the Fusion or 50 bucks off the HERO6 Black. From there you checkout and send your old camera to GoPro within 45 days of that checkout. Shipping is free; you’ll get an email from FedEx explaining how to get a prepaid shipping label.

Once GoPro receives your camera, it’ll apply the discount to your purchase and charge you through the payment method you selected. After you pay, GoPro will send your purchase within 14 days.

Why does GoPro want my old camera?

GoPro says they don’t want anything particular from your old camera. “It’s not so much that we want your old camera. We just want to make it easy for you to get your hands on the latest and greatest GoPro,” the company says.

GoPro also promises that all returned camera will be recycled “responsibly via zero landfill and recycling methods appropriate to material type.”

To learn more about GoPro’s TradeUp program, go to You can also check out our full reviews for the GoPro Fusion and the GoPro HERO6 Black to see if they’re worth the discounted prices.

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's managing editor.

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