Canon Dishes Out Four New 4K UHD Lenses for Live Broadcasters

Canon is ready for NAB 2018 this weekend, unveiling four new UHD 4K lenses that cater directly to those in sport and live broadcasting.

The first of the four lenses is a mid-range telephoto zoom lens and is called the UHD-DIGISUPER 66. The other three are portable zoom lenses and are called the CJ24ex7.5B, CJ18ex7.6B and CJ14ex4.3B.


The UHD-DIGISUPER 66 is a mid-range telephoto zoom lens for UHD 4K broadcast cameras. It offers 4K with cameras that sport 2/3-inch sensors and features a focal length range of 9mm to 600mm. Additionally, it has a built-in 2x extender that lets you double the zoom range to 1200mm on the telephoto side.

The DIGISUPER offers a 66x zoom ratio and includes Canon’s Optical Shift Image Stabilizer technology, all of which makes Canon confident that this lens is perfect for sport and live event broadcasters.

“Leveraging Canon's Optical Shift Image Stabilizer (Shift-IS), this new lens provides both handling and operational controls similar to existing field zoom lenses for HDTV broadcast cameras, offering stable imaging and comfortable maneuverability during indoor and outdoor sports broadcasting, medium-size broadcasting vans and more.”

As for its optical performance, Canon says the DIGISUPER 66 creates “beautiful images with no loss of sharpness or color from the center to the peripheral areas of image field.”

CJ24ex7.5B, CJ18ex7.6B and CJ14ex4.3B

These three portable zoom UHDgc series 4K UHD broadcast lenses are compatible with broadcast cameras with 2/3-inch sensors, like the DIGISUPER 66. They feature materials like fluorite and Ultra-low Dispersion glass to achieve “high 4K UHD performance across the entire zoom range,” according to Canon. They also support a wide color gamut that’s been approved by the ITU-R BT.2020 UHD broadcasting standard.

"As 4K UHD origination becomes more popular in television news, the need for affordable lenses that can deliver the necessary imaging performance has grown," said Yuichi Ishizuka, president and COO, Canon U.S.A., Inc. "The new UHDgc series of lenses provides the optical brilliance that makes Canon a leader in broadcast lenses, while at a budgetary level that will make them attainable to a large swath of the industry."




Pricing and Availability

Canon hasn’t detailed the four lenses’ release dates, but they do have ballpark release dates. The UHD-DIGISUPER 66 is expected to start shipping this fall. The CJ24ex7.5B and CJ14ex4.3B are scheduled to release this summer, while the CJ18ex7.6B is scheduled to release this fall.

All four will be on display at NAB 2018

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Sean Berry
Sean Berry
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