DJI Phantom 5 Leak Suggests it may Feature an Interchangeable Lens Camera System

In recent weeks, rumors have been intensifying that DJI has a DJI Phantom 5 drone in the works. DJI hasn’t announced a new Phantom 5, so naturally there are no spec details about it either, but a recent leak suggests that the Phantom 5 drone is almost done and it will have an interchangeable lens camera system.

Twitter user OstiaLV tweeted what appears to be two artist depictions of an unannounced DJI Phantom 5 drone featuring an interchangeable lens camera. The images themselves focus primarily on the drone’s camera and blur out the rest of the drone. However, OsitaLV claims the images are in fact depicting an interchangeable lens camera attached to a Phantom 5 and that the Phantom 5 is “almost complete.”

DPReview believes that the leaked images shows a 1”-type sensor, saying “We're confident the leaked image shows a 1"-type sensor, which typically lend themselves well to fast readout for video.”

OsitaLV also claims that DJI said that “the leaked photo of the [Phantom 5] is a customized drone for designated users, not for sale,” but the user is skeptical that this claim is true. OsitaLV later tweeted a drawing that is supposedly the Phantom 5, claiming that the new Phantom will feature an “aluminum shell, [a] plastic GPS antenna cover on the top, landing gear [that] is made of plastic” similar to the Inspire 2.


It's worth noting that OsitalLV’s credibility isn’t entirely known. Nevertheless, we expect that DJI will announce the Phantom 5 later this year.

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's managing editor.

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