Back of the K-1 Mark II

Ricoh this week revealed an upgraded version the PENTAX K-1 DSLR that was released back in April 2016. Dubbed the K-1 Mark II, Ricoh is positioning the new full-frame DSLR as the flagship camera in their popular PENTAX K-series. While the new K-1 retains some features found in the original, including the same 36.4 megapixel sensor, but Ricoh has added updates to the camera's Pixel Shift Resolution System, a new accelerator unit and refinements to the camera body.


What’s New?

First off, the K-1 Mark II uses that same exact full-frame CMOS sensor as the previous K-1, down to the lack of an anti-aliasing filter. But, the K-1 Mark II does have a new accelerator unit that, combined with the camera’s PRIME IV image processor, will enable “high-resolution images with minimal noise in even the most challenging low-light conditions” at up to ISO 819200, according to Ricoh.


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The camera also incorporates the Pixel Shift Resolution System II, which is a newly developed technology that uses that same in-camera shake-reduction mechanism and sensor-shift capabilities found in the original K-1’s Pixel Shift Resolution System. Now, the Pixel Shift Resolution System II, like the original, captures four images of the same scene and synthesizes them into a single, higher resolution composite image. However, the new model now also obtains RGB color data that allows for much finer details and truer colors.

Here’s some sample footage shot by the original PENTAX K-1 to give you an idea what to expect from the K-1 Mark II:


The K-1 Mark II features an magnesium-alloy body that is both dustproof and weather-resistant. Additionally, it sports an optical viewfinder with almost 100-percent field of view, Astro Tracer and a tilt-type LCD monitor.


Pricing and Availability

Ricoh will be releasing the PENTAX K-1 Mark II camera body this April for 1,999 dollars. You can also opt for a package that includes a HD PENTAX-D FA 28-105mm F3.5-5.6 ED DC WR zoom lens with the camera body for 2,399 dollars.

To learn more, go to Ricoh’s website.