Roland, one of the leading manufactures of electronic musical instruments and equipment, is kicking off their CES 2018 with the announcement of a new video capture app for iOS devices. The app’s called 4XCAMERA and it’s intended to aid musicians who wish to make videos to compliment their music.

The app is said to be quick and easy to use, allowing just one person to piece together split-screen music video withup to four videos shown simultaneously on the screen.

“With 4XCAMERA and an iPhone or iPad, it’s quick and simple for one person to create split screen performance videos of original music, cover songs, or karaoke tracks,” says Roland in a press release. “And by sharing 4XCAMERA video projects through cloud-based storage, multiple musicians can use the app to contribute performances from anywhere in the world.”

The first step when using the 4XCAMERA is to capture one video performance for the app, according to Roland. After you do that you can use your first video as a guide to capture up to three more performances, adding new parts on each pass with all of the videos stored in the app’s library. From there, Roland says you can finish the split screen video off by applying a split screen pattern an adjusting the volumes of each individual video track.

Also, Roland says that you can record sound through your phone’s built-in mic or through a connected audio device. Plus the app supports aspect ratios of 1:1 and 16:9, and 10 split-screen patterns are available for each.

The app is free for download with some limitations. The free version of the app allows you to capture up to two performances. To get the full version, you’re going to have to buy it through an in-app purchase for 4 bucks.

To learn more about Roland’s 4XCAMERA app, go to

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