Are you ready for three new cameras in the JVC Everio R Series? JVC has kicked off CES 2018 by unveiling the brand new GZ-RY980, GZ-R560 and GZ-R460. They are the newest additions to JVC’s Everio R Series, which focuses on delivering highly durable cameras. The GZ-RY980, GZ-R560 and GZ-R460 look to keep that tradition with their Quad-Proof structure, but JVC promises that there’s more to these cameras than just durability.



Unlike the two other models, which appear to share similar specs, the GZ-RY980 is the one that stands out as the flagship model from the new lineup. The word that JVC likes to use to describe the GZ-RY980 as “top-of-the-line,” claiming that the GZ-RY980 “reaches a new high” by offering 4K recording and being equipped with a bevy of support tech, like JVC’s new 4K GT LENS, 1/2.3” 18/9M Back-illuminated CMOS Sensor, and FALCONBRID 4K Image Processing Engine.


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JVC further details how the GZ-RY980 is able to push 4K to a “new high,” attributing the claim to the camera’s robust features, like 4K Time-Lapse Recording, 8 megapixel stills captured from 4K video,and Full HD High-Speed recording.

For zoom capabilities, the camera offers 10x optical and 200x digital. Also, it’s set to have AVCHD Progressive Recording (AVCHD Progressive Recording, along with Dual SD card slots, external mic input and Wi-Fi functionality using an optional adapter.

GZ-R560 and GZ-R460


The GZ-R560 and GZ-R460 look to be all but one in the same, both reported to feature a KONICA MINOLTA HD LENS with 40x optical zoom, 60x Dynamic Zoom, a 2.5M Back-illuminated CMOS Image Sensor and a FALCONBRID image processing engine.

But unlike the GZ-R460, the GZ-R560 features AVCHD Progressive Recording, akin to the GZ-RY980.


Additionally, all three of the cameras offer Full HD picture quality, have batteries that last around 5 hours (5 hours for GZ-R560/R460; 4.5 hours in 4K or 5.5 hours in HD for GZ-RY980) and are equipped with JVC Quad-Proof structure, which is where JVC says the cameras' durability comes. The Everio R series are able to “withstand a drop from 4.9ft,” are “freeze-proof down to 14?F,” ”dust-proof,” and offer “water resistance when submersed to a depth of 12.4ft for 1 hour or 3.3ft for 4 hours.”

The Everio GZ-RY980, GZ-R560 and GZ-R460 will be made available in late spring 2018, when their pricing will be announced.

Sean Berry is a blogger and Videomaker's Associate Editor.