CES 2018 Awards: Panasonic LUMIX GH5S is the Best Camera at CES 2018

Panasonic lifts the curtain and unveils the GH5S


Excited, then disappointed

chucksav's picture

I was excited about the low noise/high ISO capability and othe great video-centric features. Then I learned it will lack in-body stabilization - major disappointment.

Totally agree

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Having dropped IBIS from the GH5s, I think it will mean that Panasonic is reducing its target demographic, by ignoring the hand held shooters that would otherwise jump for this camera.

If one is driven by video end results, instead of tight budgets, then the Sony A7Riii makes more and more sense to me.


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Lots of talk about it not being there in the GH5s. Big disappointment for a lot of people. But watch this video to understand the reasoning behind it not being there. It might or might not change your opinion.