YouTube VR for Steam is Available Now and it’s a Buggy Mess

Google has just released a Steam VR version of the YouTube VR app for the HTC VIVE. The app, which was previously on Daydream, essentially allows users, to watch YouTube videos in 3D, 360 space and watch any 360 videos on YouTube. You can download it now, but the app is an Early Access release, meaning that it’s not complete and will probably be developed more in the future.

The reviews are pretty mixed right now. There are a number reports of dropped frames even on powerful PCs. And for some, the app doesn’t even work. It’s reported that the app instantly crashes once it’s started. Even The Verge tried to use the app, but experienced the app crashing. “I'd love to tell you how it is, but for some reason it doesn't work on my PC — it crashes instantly on start,” wrote The Verge.

There are a small portion of users that say the app is working just fine for them, but the majority of the users report issues.

The app is free, so it’s not like people are losing money and it is sort of expected for Early Access apps to be released with a few bugs. But you’d think that the app should at least work, right? And the number of people experiencing crashes are pretty significant. So, here's to hoping that these issues are resolved quickly.

If you want to try the app yourself and see if it works for you, you can download it from Steam now.

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's managing editor.

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