On December 5th, Canon unveiled three new compact Full HD camcorders — the pro-level Canon XA11, XA15 and the prosumer Vixia HF G21 — hoping to capture the attention of both pro-level and enthusiast videographers.

The three cameras share many of the same capabilities, basically being cut from the same cloth it seems. All three use the exact same lens, which is a 20x optical zoom lens with a range from 26.5mm to 576mm. The lens sports a Hi-UD design to prevent any color fringing in high contrasted instances. And the cameras all have the same 1/2.84 inch CMOS sensor that captures video at full HD but not 4K, unfortunately. Canon claims that the new sensor will improve the camera’s performance in low-light and packs a wide DR Gamma of 600%. The cameras can record slow and fast motion with interval recording from 2-1200x.

The cameras also share the same DIGIC DV4 image processor, which Canon says allows the cameras to record at 60 fps with a 35Mbps bitrate. And the cameras have dual SD cards and can record in AVCHD and MP4 simultaneously.


Though the cameras share the exact same lenses, sensors and processes, there are a few features that distinguish them. The XA15 and XA11 bodys have an integrated handle and include XLR audio jacks, while the VIXIA HF G21 doesn’t. The XA-15 also has an HD-SDI and the XA11 does not. But all three include HDMI and headphone ports and support GPS through accessories.

“The ability to capture high-quality video on-the-go in a compact and lightweight form factor is extremely valuable to videographers of all skill levels,” said Yuichi Ishizuka, president and COO, Canon U.S.A., Inc. “These camcorders were designed to help professionals and enthusiasts who are in the field capture action as it happens.”

All three of the cameras will be available at the end of December. The XA15 will be selling for $1,900, while the XA11 will be priced at $1,400 and the Vixia HF G21 at $1,000. You can learn more about these cameras at Canon’s online shop.

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