The FCC Votes to End Net Neutrality

FFC's Chairman and Commissioners


Hey Sean... Your Bias Is Showing

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Funny how nobody in the universe ever cared that Big Brother in Washington, DC wasn’t meddling and regulating the internet up until 2015. As with everything else your no-doubt hero Obama did, he believed things work best when the government steps in and takes control over it. Worked out pretty well for healthcare and Germany in the 1940’s. Now, less than 24 months later, it’s going to go back to the way it always was, and suddenly the world is going to come to an end. Your little article, rife with grammatical errors and misspelled words, only highlights your bias and uneducated views. Do you seriously believe that the readers of Videomaker magazine care one bit about the party-line breakdown of who voted for and against the repeal of the bill? I suggest that you stick to writing what you (purportedly) know best; where the buttons and knobs go on cameras and such. When all the wailing and gnashing of teeth subsides in a few days and everyone realizes that absolutely nothing has changed with their precious internet, I’m absolutely certain that you and your misguided techie pals will find something else to focus your faux outrage on. Until then, perhaps you can go back to snacking on those stockpiled canned goods you no doubt have left over from the big Y2K non-event.

net neutrality

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Sorry, Sean, but you are obviously a Democrat using this vote for a public relations rant. You really do need a proof-reader for your articles.

No logical argument for getting rid of net neutrality

The Internet was created by the military and the initial backbone was built by the government. Suggesting the "the government is now getting its mucky hands into the Internet after all these years" follows the same logic as protesters holding signs saying "keep the government out of my social security!!!" The arguments for net neutrality are cogent and logical. Arguments against are all vague insinuations of "inaccuracies", or "competition = better" with no logical explanation of how. When we see the fallout of this over the next few years, price inflation for consumers and bandwidth that supports reasonable functionality only to the largest corporations (not any startups who would previously have had the chance to become the next Google/Facebook/Amazon/etc.), I hope everyone takes responsibility for their positions today. Scratch that - we know they won't. Rather, I hope everyone REMEMBERS who supported American consumers and who betrayed them, and that WE all hold them responsible. If you believe pricing will stay similar because of competition and that consumers will have the freedom to just jump to another provider if their ISP is giving them a slow connection or limited choices, then I invite you to look at my cable bill, or to provide me with another option for high speed internet - Only ONE option is available in my neighborhood, and most people I know are similarly limited to a single provider.

It's just politics

Repealing Net Neutrality will have little impact on the Internet we love today. In 1996 Bill Clinton and a Republican congress passed a bill that largely left the Internet unencumbered by government involvement, and that concept served the Internet well for almost two decades. Many of the "protections" of Net Neutrality already existed under fair practice business laws and the FTC. Yes, there are a few things Net Neutrality offered, just as repealing it offers some benefits. There are trade-offs either way, but the sky is not falling. If you do not believe me, give it a couple years and you'll see that I'm right.