Lomography’s Convertible Art Lens System Lets you to Switch Out Three Different Front Lenses

The Lomographic Society Neptune Convertible Art Lens System is currently a Kickstarter project that they believe will support an new generation of photographers and videographers: lomographers.

The Neptune Convertible Art Lens System starts with a lens base that can attach three convertible front lenses that offer different focal lengths: the Thalassa: 3.5/35, the Despina: 2.8/50 and the Proteus: 4.0/80.

Thalassa: 3.5/35

The Thalassa lens shoots at a wide-angle fixed focal length of 35mm, which Lomography says is “perfect for architecture, street photography and reportage.”

“As this is a focal length very close to that of the human eye, you can approach your subjects intimately, fill the frame, and immerse yourself in the shot. And as Thalassa has a closest focusing distance of 0.25m/9.8” and delivers exceptional sharpness, you’ll be able to capture all the gritty details that make this beautiful planet we live on so captivating,” says Lomography.


The lens is said to feature special aperture plates that create colorful bokeh and has an optimal maximum aperture of f/3.5.

Despina: 2.8/50

Lomography says that this lens’ 50mm focal length is a great base for anyone just starting out in photography. “50mm is one of the pillars of photography — a great focal length for learning, but also for constantly improving your craft,” says Lomography. “Ideal for everyday, fashion and studio photography, it comfortably captures everything from full-length portraits to editorial spreads in stunning high definition.” It offers an aperture of f/2.8 and features a focusing distance of 0.4m/15.7.


Proteus: 4.0/80

This lens is said to be great for portraits, sports and action shots. Its closest focusing distance is 0.8m/31.5” and it can shoot at a fixed focal length of 80mm. “This means that the depth of field is very shallow, and as such Proteus produces beautiful, soft bokeh perfect for framing a subject and guiding your viewer to the focus of your shot. Not only is this ideal for placing your subject against a busy background to create a mesmerising headshot, but it’s also great for isolating the background to make subjects in the foreground appear closer, which makes it a popular focal length for capturing sports stars in action,” says Lomography. Lastly, its optimal largest aperture is f/4.0.


Lomography also have said that they are going to be releasing a 15mm ultra-wide-angle prime lens due to popular demand. They have named the lens the Naiad: 15mm.

To the Lomographic Society, Lomographers are creators that strives to create a style of shooting that is closer to life: "By constantly expanding selection of innovative film cameras, instant cameras, Art Lenses, film & photographic accessories, Lomography promotes photography as a creative approach to communicate, absorb, and capture the world.”

You can preorder the Convertible Art Lens System in a Canon EF mount version, or a Nikon F Mount or Pentax K mount version. It can also work with other cameras with an add-on adapter. The system runs for $990 at Lomography's shop, where you can preorder them. You can get the Naiad: 15mm as an add-on, too.

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's managing editor.

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