LensProToGo and LensRentals are two of the largest videography and photography rental companies around. So it’s pretty big news that they’ll be partnering their operations to create what they call the “strongest photo and video equipment rental company in the US.”

To be clear, the two companies are going into a partnership with each other, meaning that there will be no merging or overtaking of any kind, at least right now. Both of the brands will continue to operate under their current names and keep their original customer base, branding and inventory. What will change is that they’ll be combining into one privately owned company.

The partnership will greatly increase the brands' resources, which they believe will ultimately benefit their combined 300,000 customers. “Customers will have access to the largest inventory of equipment for rental in the photo and video industry, and an array of shipping, try-before-you-buy and insurance coverage programs,” says Lensrentals.


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LensProToGo believes that by having access to a larger inventory, their consumers will see a clear benefit to the partnership.

“Together, we’ll be able to leverage all of the strengths of both companies. Lensrentals is amazing at leveraging technology and logistics to manage the movement and maintenance of the largest rental inventory in the world,” writes Paul Friedman, CEO of LensProToGo. “Being centrally located near the FedEx hub in Memphis has allowed them to efficiently ship to and from all corners of the country."

Lensrentals hopes that the partnership will give them greater access to customers on the east coast of the USA.

“Building an east coast presence with a team that share our values and focus on customer service, is an important goal for Lensrentals,” says Drew Cicala, co-owner of Lensrentals. “The LensProToGo opportunity allows us to increase our visibility on the east coast of the US, and continue to offer a more specialized consultative approach to photography and video gear rental.”

“LensProToGo customers will get access to the largest rental inventory in the country and the advantages that arise from a shipping location located just a few miles from the FedEx SuperHub in Memphis,” writes Lensrentals co-founder Roger Cicala. “Lensrentals customers will get access to an even larger staff of experts ready to offer unbiased advice and to help you craft solutions for whatever projects you have coming up.”

The partnership deal was settled on December 1st, with both companies approving it.

However, any kind of merging of two big companies, like LensProToGo and LensRentals, will inevitably result in a reduction of competition in the marketplace, which in turn often leads to a rise in prices because there’s no incentive for the partnered business to keep their prices low. But there are other places like ShareGrid, BorrowLenses and KitSplit to compete with the LensProToGo/LensRental combo, so prices will hopefully stay reasonable.

Sean Berry is a blogger and Videomaker Associate Editor.