Insta360’s Pro gets a ‘Major’ Software Upgrade Allowing for 12K VR Photos

Insta360 just released their 3,500-dollar Pro VR camera, but they’re already offering an updated version of it, the Pro V2.0. The updated version doesn’t make any changes to the Pro’s hardware itself, rather it adds a “major” firmware update and current users of the Pro can download the beta firmware right now.

Insta360 says that after the update is applied to the Pro, its image quality will get a major image quality boost and offer a crazy 12K resolution for taking still photos. Insta360 also says that they’ve added optical flow interpolation to double the frame rate output and have packed in a few new professional tools as well.

According to Engadgetm the firmware update does offer higher dynamic range and improved image clarity. When looking at at the footage we shared above, they found that it “shows reduced noise levels along with much better color accuracy.”

The 12K “Super Resolution” still mode reportedly works for both stereoscopic and monoscopic images. It does this by quickly taking ten 8K shots and later merges them to form a 12K image.

As for the optical flow interpolation, it’s said to allow user to adjust the output video frame rate by almost 2X, hopefully allowing for more smoother 360 video.

Some of the new tools added include exposure curves, a brightness histogram, quicker on-device stitching when you’re connected to computer, stitching at the zenith, and the new option to connect to a smartphone’s 4G hotspot or a mobile WiFi hotspot.

You can check out Insta360’s blog post to learn more about the Insta360 Pro.

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's managing editor.

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