Have you ever been stuck with a camera that is still working, but its screen is busted? Spyros Heniadis has a $50 solution that will save you from having to pay to fix the screen or buy a new camera.

He discovered that he could purchase a pretty cheap LCD color monitor after he broke his camera’s LCD screen and viewfinder after he poorly placed it and it fell. Without a screen or a viewfinder, it’s kind of hard for the camera to be functional. But, his camera was still functioning internally after the fall and he wanted to see if he could find an inexpensive way to still use it. He ended up finding and mounting a cheap LCD screen from Amazon onto his camera with an HDMI cable, an adapter, and a mini ball head.

The setup isn’t battery-operated though, so it’s not a complete fix if you are using the camera where there isn’t an outlet. But this setback doesn’t affect Heniadis because he decided to make  the camera into his “in-studio, fixed in front of [him], almost never moves camera.”

Also, the LCD screen isn’t perfect (it is cheap), but it works well enough for Heniadis to uses it to frame his shots, focus and go into the camera’s menu. “I didn’t need a super fancy schmancy monitor. I just want to be able to frame my shots and this is going to do the trick for me,” Heniadis says.

So if you have, or end up with, a camera that is still working but its screen and viewfinder is trashed, you can try out this inexpensive solution to give your camera life again.

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Sean Berry
Sean Berry is a blogger and Videomaker Contributing Editor.