Freefly, the company behind the MoVI M5 camera stabilizer system, has made a name for itself at Videomaker. We loved the MoVI M5 when we got it for review; it was very easy to use and it delivered stabilization that you couldn’t get on other systems. It even clenched our Best Stabilizer category during NAB 2014. But up to this point, Freefly’s targeted audience has been more on the professional, semi-pro side. That however is changing; Freefly just launched a new $299 handheld iPhone stabilizer, being simply called Movi.

Described as a cinema robot, Freefly hails the Movi gimbal as “the best cinema robot available” and that it unlocks to iPhone’s full video potential.

“The iPhone is one of the most powerful film and photography tools ever created. The ability to capture, edit, and share high quality photos and videos with a device that fits in your pocket is a game changer for the creative community. To date it's been difficult to create smooth, precise, and high quality videos with the iPhone. Movi unleashes the iPhone's true potential.”

Built with the same gyroscopic technology as Freefly’s professional stabilizers, the Movi’s looks to have a pretty accessible setup. It has a few control buttons on the front of its handle, and on the back, it’s got a start/stop record button and a mode trigger. It’s also packing two motors (a pan motor and a roll motor). Near the bottom, it has a USB-C port and a rubber grip. And like other Movi stabilizers, the Movi offers a featured app.

The Movi has a few operating modes, which includes modes like Echo and MoviLapse. In Echo mode, Freefly says that you can set endpoints and duration of shots to achieve repeated, automated camera movements. And for MoviLapse basically looks like a moving timelapse, slowing down the Movi’s moves by ten times, so when you play it back at ten times the speed, it will look like the world is moving around your subject. The resulting effect looks pretty neat.

The Movi will run into some steep competition in the mobile stabilization business, finding competition with products like DJI’s Osmo Mobile. The Osmo does have a few advantages, considering it’s Android compatible and it’s $100 cheaper. We’re hopeful though that the Movi will prove itself and capture a good portion of the market because we really did like the MoVI M5.

The Movi has just launched on Freefly’s website for $299 and the first units will begin to ship in March 2018.

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Sean Berry
Sean Berry is a blogger and Videomaker Contributing Editor.