Whether you make a living shooting travel videos, upload them to YouTube, or you just like to shoot them for fun, these five shooting angles from Thomas Alex Norman will not only make your videos look better, they will give them much more impact on your audience.


The first tip that Norman presents is to focus on cutting out. He suggests that instead of thinking primarily about what you want in a shot you should step back and focus on what you don’t want in a shot. By scoping what what is unneeded in your shots, you can position them out of the shots, or you could crop them out later if they are at the edges of the footage.

The next tip Norman has is more of a general rule of thumb: lower angles generally make shots more epic. Norman does point out that there are many instances where this isn’t true, but he says that it’s a good tip to anyone who is just starting out.

Third, Norman says that you need to know when to shoot close to your subject and when you need to shoot wide. When you go in close on people, you can really capture and blow up with emotions, and usually when you go wide it makes things feel a bit more epic. The best way to incorporate these angles into your video is to use a combination of them. If you use just one of them, your video will become boring.


Norman then moves onto his fourth tip: knowing when to use movement. “I typically encourage members of my travel video academy to us movement more, because if you can get a nice cinematic movement within your videos, it can really emphasize that production value and make the whole video look way more slick, way more professional,” says Norman. But likewise, it’s also important to know when you should have still shots as well. Like the previous tip, it is best in combination.

The last tip that Norman has is to chose the angles that give your videos that most richness of information. You want to look at the aspects of the scene you are shooting and try to capture all the elements that are making the scene what it is, like in Norman’s Venice Beach example.

Angles are without a doubt a very important aspect to any travel video because they pretty much dictate what your video is primarily going to look like. So getting the correct angles for what you will really make your video stand out.

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Sean Berry
Sean Berry is a blogger and Videomaker Contributing Editor.