Trying to focus in low light can be highly frustrating; many cameras, even expensive ones, can struggle to find its focus in low light. That’s why Jared Polin comprised a video filled with three super simple, yet effective, tools you can use to help you focus in low light situations.

What is really great about these tools is that pretty much everyone has at lost one of them right now, if not all of them. Also, the tools work with every camera.

The first tool that you can use is a simple laser pointer. The laser point gives the camera something to focus on. Though Polin admits that he personally hasn't tried using a laser pointer to focus his camera himself, but he’s heard it works. If you do plan to try out the laser pointer, never point the laser into your camera, which could damage its sensors. And obviously, never point it into someone's face if you are trying to focus on a living subject. Polin also says that it’s best to use this method when you're in a more one-on-one setting, rather than a more populated area, like at a concert.


The next tool you can use to help you camera focus is an LED flashlight. Polin personally likes to have the light shining on his subject’s face, giving the camera a point to lock on. The subject can also shine the light on themselves too if that’s a better approach for you.

The last tool is something at we all have and can use: a mobile phone. By simply having your subject put their phone up to their face, your camera will be able to focus on the camera’s screen, ultimately leaving your subject in focus. This is what Polin likes to use himself.

And there you have it, three really simple tools to help focus your camera in low lighting settings. You can try them all out and see which one works best for you.

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Sean Berry
Sean Berry is a blogger and Videomaker Contributing Editor.