Your Camera Gear May Just Save Your Life Out in the Wild

We all know that have the right filming gear can be a real lifesavers on set, but we never thought that our camera gear could actually be used to actually save our lives. Yet, Chris Niccolls, host of TheCameraStoreTV on YouTube, has shown all of us that our camera gear can help us survive if we ever find ourselves stranded out in the wild.

For fun, Niccolls goes through his pack of gear and sees what he can use and craft into useful tools. You can watch the full video below, but be warned, cameras will be broken.

In the video, Niccolls makes it clear that he used no outside tools and that he built everything strictly from the items that he’d bring to a photoshoot. He quickly ravages through his camera bag, finding anything he can use to aid him in his survival.

It isn’t long before Niccolls tears apart his SLR camera. He finds a lot of good pieces that he’s able to use, like wire and metal. He is able to make a hook for fishing out of the camera pieces, and he’s able to complete the fishing rod by tearing apart his Tamrac Zipshot. He sheds a tear at the thought of breaking the tripod, but he’s able to catch a fish — a very small fish.

He also goes as far as to try to make a pretty interesting looking shelter; of course, its job is not to look pretty, but keep the rain off of him. For the most part, it did well, even though it rained heavily over the night he was sleeping in the woods.

Niccolls’ journey into the wild may not have been super smoothe, but the main point is that he was able to make some pretty decent survival gear out of his camera gear, and when you are stranded trying to survive out in the wild, anything goes. Even breaking your camera if you can manage to.

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's managing editor.

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