You Can Now Directly Donate to YouTubers on Brave

The new Brave browser, created by Mozilla’s former CEO Brendan Eich who stepped down due to political backlash, offers a unique browsing experience. Brave actually blocks ads, but will pay you in Bitcoins for allowing replacement advertisements and also lets you anonymously donate money to websites like a monthly subscription. And now, Brave will let you donate directly to YouTubers you want to support, rather than donating to Google or YouTube as a whole.

Previously, you couldn’t specify which channels your money went to on Brave, but with this update, you can choose where your donations are going. It only makes sense for this to be integrated into Brave; I don’t think there’s many who want to blindly donate money, potentially to tech giants like Google, not knowing where it’s going. The update even lets you donate to YouTubers that have less than 10,000 video views, so they don’t have to be big stars like PewDiePie to receive donations.


You are going to need to have cryptocurrency in your Brave account, or you add funds if you ran out, if you want to donate. Brave will automatically pick up on the channels of the videos that you’ve watched, even if the videos were embedded onto another site, and you will be able to chose which ones you want to donate to on a monthly basis.

First though, creators interested in earning a buck will have to verify that their channels can collect. After they’ve verified, they can start collecting contributions and then convert their donated crypto currency into usable cash.


Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's Managing Editor.

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