Watch: How RED Cameras are Made

RED and their digital cinema cameras are industry trailblazers. They were one of the first companies to jump to 8K with the announcement of the MONSTRO 8K VV sensor. Also, we loved shooting RED RAVEN when we had it for review. Unfortunately not all of us can shell out the cash needed to get a RED for ourselves; they cost tens of thousands of dollars. But that can’t stop us from enjoying this video that RED’s released, allowing us to see how they manufacture their popular cameras.

The video was shot at RED’s manufacturing and production floor in Irvine, California.

You can really get a sense to how much production goes into making RED’s cameras. It’s quite spectacular, and magical. There’s clearly a lot of work that goes into creating RED’s powerful cameras. And all the work couldn’t be done without the hard-working developers and manufacturers at RED.

You can check out RED’s official website if you’d like to see their product lineup.

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's Managing Editor.

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