Videos on Vimeo are looking like they're going to get a boost in quality, because Vimeo’s just announced that that their site is now able to support HDR videos uploads. This means that all Vimeo members that shoot HDR footage can upload those HDR videos to Vimeo without any problem.

Upgrading to HDR, Vimeo says that their platform will be supporting a few new major features, one of those features being support for 10-bit video. With 10-bit, videos on Vimeo will most likely have a more clear and cleaner look than they did before, going from 16 million color to 1 billion colors per frame.

5K, 6K, and 8K videos can now also be uploaded onto Vimeo. As 8K is just starting to emerge into the market, it’s a logical move for Vimeo to offer up to 8K at this point, since YouTube’s supported up to 8K uploads for a few years now.

Vimeo says that their platform will now support BT.2020 and wider color gamuts too, which Vimeo says will all your image quality to represent over 75% of the color that the human eye can see. Pretty different from the common 35% color range seen in most modern color gamuts in videos.

And with higher quality videos, Vimeo’s updating their codecs so they can improve the sites efficiency, hopefully allowing you to watch higher quality videos using the same bandwidth.

For uploading your HDR content onto Vimeo, Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro X, Dropbox, or direct uploads should work. All HDR videos upload to the site will receive a “HDR” badge on the video page and player. Obviously, your viewers will need to have a screen that supports HDR10 and HEVC to watch your HDR videos. If you don't own a system that supports HDR, Vimeo says that they will create a separate SDR version of your HDR video.

In addition, Vimeo will allow you to sell you HDR videos on Vimeo On Demand or with a custom subscription-based model.

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