Pimax VR is the very ambitious company behind this 8K headset that they hope will propel them to the top of the VR market, allowing them to compete with other VR companies like Oculus VR. Even though the headset is set to cost about twice as much as you’d pay for other VRs (being priced around 800 on Kickstarter), the Pimax 8K seems to be offering quality features, like 8K, that just may it worth the extra cash.

The headset is reportedly designed with dual 4K LCD displays that in a roundabout way gives it 8K capability. They are pat of the the reason the headset stretches far off the wearer’s face. But many find that headset’s wide field-of-view the most exciting aspect. The current headsets available are usually pegged between 90 and 110 degrees, but Pimax says that they are releasing their headset with 200 degrees.


Pimax CEO Nordic Ren says the he plans to succeed by focusing on the high-end parts of the market rather than focusing on the mass market with he feels all the other VR companies are aiming for. “HTC and Oculus are good but not good enough,” he says.

It really does seem like Pimax is trying to push what is possible in terms of quality of VR, just look at the difference of image quality that the Pimax has compared to HTC Vive, Oculus VC1 and Oculus DK2.


Pimax has been able to raise over $4.2 million through their Kickstarter campaign, but they are still looking for extra funding through outside investors. Ren revealed that Pimax’s biggest obstacle of shipping these headsets will be getting the funds needed, so the more money they can get the better. The risks for investors investing into a Kickstarter campaign is less for Pimax because they have put their VR headsets though production and they have good connections to manufacturers.

The Pimax 8K looks like it's a very exciting development for the VR market, so hopefully Pimax can lock down the funds that they need to start shipping the headsets in the coming months.

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Sean Berry
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