These are the Most Important Video Features in the 5D Mark IV

The Canon EOS 5D Mark IV is a formidable camera with loads of features for both photo and video shooters, from its 30.4MP Full-Frame CMOS Sensor using the DIGIC 6+ Image Processor to its 3.2 inch touchscreen LCD monitor. With the 5D Mark IV, hybrid photo-video get the best of both worlds: Shoot great video and great photos.

The 5D Mark IV shoots up to DCI 4K at 30 frames per second (fps) at 500 Megabits per second. We’re not just talking UHD 4K like other interchangeable lens cameras, but DCI 4k — the cinema standard. Plus, the 5D Mark IV shoots up to 60 fps in Full HD and 120 fps in 720 HD. No matter if you are shooting in the film standard of 24 fps, overcranking to 60 fps for some cinematic slow-mo or 5 times slow-mo in 720, you’ll have loads of options. Going further, the 5D Mark IV can be upgraded with Canon Log (C-Log), Canon’s logarithmic shooting mode. Get the most dynamic range and color information possible from the 5D Mark IV when shooting in C-Log. Video shot in C-Log features suppressed contrast and sharpness with an increased dynamic range of up to 800 percent or 12 stops at ISO 400 or above. This means more detail in the highlights, enhanced details in the shadows and more flexibility working with saturation and tone in post-production to produce a look or to match other footage. Plus, the 5D Mark IV offers a view assist setting, so you can preview what log footage would look like when graded.

Moving on to Auto Focus, all of the 61 High Density Reticular AF points in the 5D Mark IV are usable down to f/8. That means better AF performance even in low light situations. Plus, when using Dual Pixel AF, get AF with two photodiodes per pixel, with each pixel capable of phase-difference detection autofocus. Combine Dual Pixel AF with the 3.2 inch touch panel LCD and get easy to use touch focus. Combine that with a native ISO of 32000 and an expanded ISO to 102400, and you’re sure to be able to capture good video in the most challenging lighting situations. You can easily rack focus simply by tapping the subject on the touchscreen LCD.

When it comes to shooting 4K video, the 5D Mark IV has you covered. It offers a wide range of shooting modes and options to adapt to virtually any situation. You can record audio in AAC or stereo linear PCM format. Monitor your audio as you capture it with its separate 1/8 inch headphone and 1/8 inch microphone jack.  Additionally, get all the connectivity you need with the Canon N3, HDMI C (Mini) and USB 3.0. Get Built-In GPS and Wi-Fi with NFC. The 5D Mark IV captures to either its Compact Flash or SD card slot.

For those that are upgrading to the 5D Mark IV, there are added bonuses. You won’t need to buy more batteries or lenses. The 5D Mark IV uses the same battery (LP-E6N) as previous 5D models and most other Canon DSLR’s, and it uses the industry standard EF lens mount.

Get more from your camera when using a Canon 5D Mark IV. No matter if you are shooting video or photos, the feature rich Canon 5D Mark IV has you covered. To learn more about the Canon 5D Mark IV, visit

Susan Schmierer
Susan Schmierer
Susan is the Art Director at Videomaker and Creator Handbook Magazines.

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