There’s a load of different ways that you can carry your camera, but all of those ways weren’t created equal. So Chris Niccolls, host of The Camera Store TV, assembled the best and worst ways that you can possibly lug your camera around. What his video below to see if your way of carrying your camera is one of the good ways.

Niccolls starts off with the classic camera strap, and he very quickly makes it clear that he hates them. The first way that tries out the strap hanging down the front of his chest and he finds that he doesn’t like how it hurts his neck and how it makes him always look like a tourist. He then tries it over his shoulder and slung over his back, but makes it clear that someone could easily steal it if you have it there.

Moving on to a strap setup that Niccolls does like takes us to a BlackRapid strap system, which lets the camera hang at your side thanks to gravity. He finds it to be very comfortable and a good option to use, but you have to be okay with the camera wandering a little while you are walking.

When he gets to camera backpacks, the Manfrotto Pro Light RedBee 210 to be a good backpack to use, compared to larger backpacks where your gear can get stolen easier. It can carry a good amount of equipment and is still comfortable to wear.

Niccolls also notes that sling-over shoulder bags are becoming more popular as cameras are become smaller. Yet, you still can run into the similar problem to the camera strap with it getting stolen.

There are so many ways that you can carry you camera and equipment and it really boils down to what personally works for you.


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Sean Berry
Sean Berry is a blogger and Videomaker Contributing Editor.