SIRUI USA Releasing a Unique Line of Mobile Lenses

SIRUI USA, a company that makes all kinds of camera accessories from tripods to filters to camera bags, have announced that they are releasing a unique line of mobile accessories that they hope will help “broaden the creativity of smartphones” for both videographers and photographers. The line is said to include a bundle of new lenses along with accessories like lens mount adapters and a clip adapter.

The average focal length for a smartphone today is about 29mm, but SIRUI USA's new lens — including an 18mm, a 60mm, and a Fisheye — look to adjust that focal length.


The SIRUI 18mm Wide Angle Lens is designed to pack more of the surrounding environment into your image, allowing you to get more of the scene that you are shooting into your shot.

SIRUI USA’s offering a filter for this lens, which they say is able to cut out glares in scenes, help saturate colors and add contrast to sky shots by deepening the blue in the sky and brightening the whites of the clouds.


Next, SIRUI USA’s 60mm Portrait Lens is designed for more close-up shots like portraits. The lens is suppose to deliver sharp and clear shots with its high-quality optics.


Lastly, SIRUI’s Fisheye Lens expands your smartphone’s len to bring in the entire scene into the frame with a 170-degree angle of view. Fisheyes are pretty experimental lenses and aren’t commonly used, because they give a very distinct look. But, it definitely make shots look interesting.

In addition, SIRUI USA says that all the lenses included in the line have been designed with optical glass with multi-layer anti-reflection coating, which should allow for high levels of light transmission, more precise color rendition and reduced vignetting and distortion.

SIRUI USA’s is also releasing a phone protection case with a Dual Lens attachment that’s said to turn yohttp://sirui.comur phone’s lens into an 18mm Wide Angle and the second lens into an 85mm telephoto. Along with the Dual Lens attachment, SIRUI USA says that they will be releasing a lens clip adapter, allowing you to clip their new lenses to your phone, a beauty lamp that’s essentially a clip-on light for your phone, a table top tripod for your phone, and a lens kit to hold all three lenses.

All three of the lenses cost $69 and are avaliable now. Go to for more information and pricing for the other accessories.

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's managing editor.

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