Rylo Aims to Be a Small but Super Steady 360° Camera

Rylo may look small, but it promises to offer quite a lot to the 360° market. Rylo is the product created by former Instagram and Apple team members who wanted a 360 camera that was easy to use while being a powerful filmmaking tool. The Rylo’s said to be packed with breakthrough stabilization software and offers a smartphone app that aims make editing a breeze.

Rylo’s reported to feature a dual 208°  wide-angle lenses that together capture 4K 360° footage at 30 frames per second. The team behind Rylo, Rylo Inc., notes that users of Rylo will not have to worry about things like framing the shot, because Rylo will capture the whole scene in 360°.


Plus, in Rylo's smartphone app, you have the option to create regular HD videos from the 360 footage that you capture with Rylo.

One of the biggest highlights of Rylo is its bulit-in stabilization software. Rylo Inc. believes that stabilization the main difference between videos shot by professionals and beginners, so they've taken stabilization seriously in Rylo's design. Rylo is reported to combine 360° capture with advanced camera motion detection allowing it to automatically remove any unwanted camera motion or shakiness for super smooth videos. However, you can turn off Rylo's stabilization in the app if you want.


Rylo Inc. says that when making the Rylo, its software was the first aspect that they worked on, believing that software will ultimately determine whether or not a camera is innovative. “Historically, camera innovation has been dependant on upgrading hardware, but the future of innovation for cameras is in the software,” said Chris Cunningham, COO and co-founder of Rylo Inc. “The magical thing about camera software is how it closes the gap between what professionals and everyday people can do. That’s why we built software first and designed the camera’s hardware around it.”

Rylo Inc. promises that the smartphone app offered with the Rylo will make video editing super fast, noting that it should only take about a few minutes to edit on your phone. The app is also supposed to go beyond the standard trimming and cropping tools with features like Follow, which tracks makes Rylo automatically adjusts the camera's position to make sure the object in action is always in frame, and Points, which can control the camera's perspective in editing by creating specific points of interest in you video. Also featured in the app is the FrontBack feature, which essentially makes a picture-in-picture of your face so the finished video can show your reactions as well, and the Timelapse feature that lets you speed up videos going up to 16x the normal speed. In addition, the app lets you share videos on Instagram, Facebook or even message them directly.

You can also reportedly get ultra wide 6K panorama photos using the Rylo.

Rylo is available now for iPhones in the U.S. for $499. The Rylo app for iOS is free and you can get it through the App Store. Go to rylo.com for more info.

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's managing editor.

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