Google’s Resonance Audio Makes It Easier to Create 3D Audio for Immersive Video

Google has just unveiled a new immersive audio software development kit named Resonance Audio that’s reportedly able to bring scalable performance for high-fidelity 3D sound in 360-degree video, VR and AR.

Resonance Audio is supposed to be able to work in both mobile and desktop applications and can be compatible across numerous other platforms, including game engines like Unity as well as on the web. In addition, it’s also said to be available as a standalone VST plug-in, allowing it to be used in multiple audio creation programs.

3D audio has had a reputation of posing a challenge because it’s interactive, basically changing whenever an object moves and when the user moves. It can put a strain on hardware, but Google says that Resonance Audio is lightweight enough to deliver high-fidelity 3D audio with VR on your phone.

Resonance Audio is reported to use a fill-sphere surround sound technique called Ambisonic sound with head-related transfer functions, which is a filter that maps incoming sound within a listening environment. They work together to trick your brain into assigning positions and distance to sound by copying the ways our brains perceive and place sounds in real life. It also said to use highly optimized digital signal processing algorithms that allow for spatialization of hundreds of sounds all at once.

Google promises that Resonance Audio will be more powerful than traditional 3D spatialization because it can both control where a sound comes from and how it spreads out for the point of its origin.


Hopefully, Resonance Audio can prove to be powerful as Google says it is while still being user-friendly. It’s set to be available for every platform, including Android, iOS and Linux, which could attract game developers, audio engineers and musicians who want to try it out. If you want to check out Resonance Audio, check out Google’s developers page.

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's Managing Editor.

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