If you’re going to be heading off to shoot an interview but feel a little stuck on deciding what to bring, watch Max Yuryev’s gear guide for video interviews.

Max Yuryev made the video as he was packing for what he calls a simple shoot. He wanted to make a behind-the-scenes video to show what he decided to bring, as well as go over a few tips you can uses when shooting interviews.


Since the interview is simple shoot, Yuryev says that he is only bringing one camera for the project, but he still wants to make sure that he has good audio and enough extras to make sure everything goes smoothly. After all, just because something is simple doesn’t mean it doesn’t require the same attention as a bigger project.

A few of the things that Yuryev brought included: a wireless mic system, a low priced LED light panel, a diffuser, a tripod, a light stand for lightweight lights and a slider.

When deciding on what to bring Yuryev wasn’t exactly clear on what he would end up using, but he wanted to make sure that he had all the equipment he might need just in case he did in fact need it. He brought a light box, but didn’t end up using it in the end. Still, it was a good thing to pack since he didn't know much about the lighting conditions in advance.

For the interview, he decided to hide the microphone, because the image wouldn’t have looked as good out in the open. He hid it up by the subject's shoulders and covered it with her hair, which he says wouldn’t mess with the audio because voice goes through hair pretty well.

For a few more tips for interview audio, Yuryev says that you should be monitoring the audio with headphones to make sure there isn’t any background noise. When you are wearing headphones, you are able to pick up on noises that your mind sometimes cancels out when you aren't actively listening to your environment.

In summary, it’s better to have too much gear than it is to have too little. Obviously, you don’t have to bring everything you own, but take time to plan before the shoot, and if you can’t decide whether you should bring a piece of gear or not, bring it. You just may end up needing it.

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