Final Cut Pro X 10.4 Gets Enhanced Color Tools and VR Support

This week, Apple kicked off the third-annual Final Cut Pro X Creative Summit in Cupertino, CA, with the announcement of the Final Cut Pro X version 10.4 and a number of demos that showed off what professional video editors have to look forward to with the new updates.

With version 10.4 Final Cut Pro X is getting support for VR along with enhanced/redesigned color tools, HDR workflow support, color wheels, HEVC support, Auto White Picker, custom LUT loading, direct import of iOS iMovie timelines, and 360 titles and transitions. The demos even showed Final Cut Pro X working with clips on an 8K timeline on the new iMac Pro.

Here's a quick video showing some of the features demostrated at the Creative Summit this week:

Attendees of the event got first-hand looks at the new features being added to the 10.4 version of Final Cut Pro X and allowed those attendees to post images of the event onto Twitter, letting the world know a little about what to expect from the new upcoming version of Final Cut Pro X. The news of the update’s features seems like it’s being received fairly well by Final Cut Pro X users, with many happy that they are getting color wheels and curves. However, plenty of users are criticizing the update, as well, for not adding better audio controls to the software.

There is no official release date for the 10.4 version of Final Cut Pro X, but it’s reported that it will be available sometime before the end of 2017. Go to for more information.

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's managing editor.

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