Facebook Tries to Win Over YouTubers with New App for Video Creators

Facebook's recently released app designed specifically for video creators further demonstrates the platform's seriousness about integrating more video features into their platform, challenging YouTube and other video sites like it. That app is called Facebook Creator and it’s packed with a number of tools meant for streaming, adding intros and outros to live videos and a message inbox that’s a one stop shop for Facebook and Instagram comments.

The app isn’t exactly a new idea for Facebook; it’s more of a updated version of Facebook’s 2014 Mentions app, which wasn’t offered to as many users because it was only available to verified public figures and Pages. In contrast, Facebook Creator lets everyone join in.

The main appeal of the app stems from its special features for Facebook Live and its communication features.

With app's Facebook Live features, everyone has to ability to create customized intros and outros and add additional stuff like interactive stickers and video frames. Facebook also says that you can take, edit and post photos to Facebook Stories and other platforms in the app.

As for it's communication features, you’ll get a unified inbox that gathers comments from Facebook and Instagram and messages from Messenger, meaning you can just go to one place to get all your notifications. However, the app doesn’t cover every single messaging vector, so be aware of that.

That apps also has analytics available to creators interested in their videos' performances.


The big takeaway from this app on a large scale is that Facebook is trying to show that they want to support independent videographers and vloggers at a time when a lot of those kinds of creators are fed up with YouTube, most recently because of an error in the algorithm that resulted in a bunch of iPhone X videos from established YouTubers being automatically demonetized.

You can get the app right now on iOS. Facebook says that the app is suppose to be coming to Android in “the coming months.”

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's managing editor.

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