When you want to connect a camera or monitor to a computer, you need to have some kind of capture or interface card. A good number of these cards work in 4K, but with 8K beginning to emerge, companies are buckling down and getting more serious with their commitment to 8K support. Blackmagic Design is now in the fray with the recent announcement of an 8K version of their DeckLink capture and playback card, the DeckLink 8K Pro, which features quad link 12G-SDI.


The card is a PCI Express 8 lane generation 3 card and features four quad link multi tare 12G-SDI connections. It’s reported to work in all SD, HD, Ultra HD, 4K, 8K and DCI 8K formats and is compatible with all currently existing SDI equipment.

Working in 8K is essentially working with 16 times more pixels than you would be working with in a normal 1080 HD image. Blackmagic believes the DeckLink 8K Pro will allow for the sharpest and most vivid images in editing, with the card supporting a color bit-depth of 8 and 10-bit YUV 4:2:2, and 10 and 12-bit RGB 4:4:4 with Rec. 2020 color.

Blackmagic’s Design CEO Grant Petty says, as Blackmagic moves into providing support for 8K, there’s a building excitement for the quality that 8K can bring to an image at the company: “DeckLink 8K Pro is our most advanced PCIe capture and playback card ever,” says Petty. “It’s exciting because the 8K images have so much clarity and detail that it’s as if you’re looking out a window. Whether it’s for the 2020 Olympics or the next generation of Hollywood blockbusters, DeckLink 8K Pro has the speed, quality and compatibility customers need to do their best work!”


Blackmagic says that DeckLink 8K Pro has been to designed to work with Blackmagic’s upcoming DaVinci Resolve 14.2 Studio, as well as Final Cut Pro X, Media Composer, Premiere Pro, After Effects, ProTools, Nuke and others.

Cinema5D was able to interview Blackmagic and catch a glimpse of the DeckLink 8K Pro in a recent video:


As for the cards price, it’s set at a pretty affordable $645. One of the major drawbacks for 8K has been its price, but that doesn’t seem like it’s going to be a problem for the DeckLink 8K Pro — you'll just need an 8K media source to capture with it. The card will be release in early January of next year. You can learn more at Blackmagic’s products page.

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