Amazon Web Severices (AWS), Amazon's cloud computing services platform, is furthering its investment into video services for media companies and app developers with the recent announcement of five new video processing tools for AWS Media Services, an assemblage of cloud-based tools that help creators create, service and monetize their video streams.

The new bundle of video tools is collectively known as AWS Elemental Media Services in a reference to Elemental Technologies, which Amazon bought in 2015. This move allows Amazon to further their efforts to do business with media companies and creators looking to host live streams and ad-supported videos. This probably isn’t the best news for YouTube, a major competitor for Amazon in the video hosting sphere; YouTube hasn't been getting the best press recently.

AWS Elemental looks to ease the burden video hosting for providers and publishers by allowing them to offload to AWS cloud. This will greatly reduce costs and make it easier for them to use those kinds of professional video hosting tools, including ad management tools.


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“For the better part of six decades, professional-grade video workflows were limited to a few major industry players who could afford to build and maintain customized infrastructure that would be updated only once or twice each decade,” said Alex Dunlap, GM at AWS Elemental, in a statement. “These companies spent a great deal of time, money, and focus operating infrastructure with resources that could have been better spent creating great content and viewer experiences. We built AWS Elemental Media Services to let customers focus on delivering top-quality video reliably to any device, everywhere, without the undifferentiated heavy lifting of managing infrastructure. This not only helps traditional video providers innovate faster, but it also opens up new opportunities for startups, government agencies, schools, and multinational enterprises that, before today, had limited access to premium-quality video technology.”

Here are the five new tools and what they are designed to do:

AWS Elemental MediaConvert is described as a file-based video transcoding service that lets publishers format and compress video-on-demand content “for delivery to virtually any playback device, with high-quality video transcoding and broadcast-level features,” says Amazon.

AWS Elemental MediaLive is said to let publishers encode broadcast-grade live videos for TV or for devices that are connected.

AWS Elemental MediaPackage is suppose to allow producers to prepare and protect live video streams.

AWS Elemental MediaStore is essentially a storage service for video.

AWS Elemental MediaTailor is reported to let you monetize the videos with targeted advertising.

This service is being launched today and Amazon says that you can integrate it with other AWS services, including “AWS Direct Connect and AWS Snowball for content ingestion; Amazon CloudFront for content delivery; Amazon CloudWatch for monitoring; and Amazon Rekognition for artificial intelligence.”

It’s interesting to see Amazon moving into more direct competition with YouTube. Figures from Zenith do predict that online video viewing will continue to rise in the coming years, so if digital publishers want to keep relevant, they should pay attention to the trends happening within the medium of online video so they can continue to connect with their audience.