YouTube’s CEO Susan Wojcicki has created her own YouTube channel, but the move isn’t at all popular with the YouTube community.

Wojcicki published her channel’s first video, titled ‘My First Video — Advice from Creators,’ about a week ago and the video has attracted a huge negative response. With more than 325,000 views as of this writing, the video has 49K dislikes with only 8K likes.

Wojcicki doesn’t appear in the video until the very end where she thanks the viewer for watching and promises that she will be making more videos in the future, though she has yet to upload a second video to the channel. Before her appearance, the video features numerous YouTube stars like Dan & Phil, Bethany Mota, The Dolan Twins, the Eh Bee Family, Lele Pons, Rhett & Link and The Rock.


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The backlash for the video has made it even more apparent that many YouTube creators aren’t happy with Wojcicki. There were many different complaints and criticisms in the video’s comment section, but one of the most prevalent topics of frustration is why so many YouTuber’s have had their videos demonetized for unclear reasons since the so-called Adpocalypse spurred on changes to YouTube's monetization system. Many comment that Wojcicki’s video would never be demonetized because she runs the company, regardless of the content she might post.

Here are some comments posted to the video:

“I'm 99% sure this channel won't have single problem with demonetization, no matter what she'll record… ”

“Ummm, The Rock said A$$. This video better be demonetized.?”

Commenters also had a problem with that fact that she is spending time making videos instead of fixing the problems they see with YouTube. It isn’t clear how involved Wojcicki was in creating the video, however.

The core of this issue and why Wojcicki is so disliked — and she’s been disliked for a while now — seems to be that YouTube content creators believe that she’s not working in their best interest, focusing instead on satisfying the whims of advertizers to protect YouTube's bottom line. And for the YouTubers that dislike Wojcicki, this video further proves their belief that Wojcicki is out of touch with the majority of the creators making content for the platform. These creators see her personal channel and videos centered around herself as a distraction from fixing the problems that they see and deal with on YouTube, including the seemingly arbitrary demonetization of their videos.

This move does make it seem like Wojcicki is trying to connect with the YouTube community in a more positive way, but instead of helping her it seems like it might be doing her even more damage.

What do you think about Wojcicki’s move to create a new YouTube channel? Is it as bad as everyone is saying, it is or is it being unfairly thrashed?

Sean Berry is a blogger and Videomaker's Associate Editor.


  1. I don’t have a youtube channel and I never will. Thank you Susan for reaffirming my belief that all of social media is pure evil. The years Youtube has left are numbered. Mark my words, ten years from now, Youtube will no longer exist.

  2. It’s complete horse dung! Susan W. has no support because she is nothing more than a policy maker/enforcement tool! If YouTube Corp. continues to keep her on their multi-million dollar position, they are just hurting their industry and the lives of the countless creators! Take a hike Wojcicki!!!

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