Who says that you have to break the bank assembling together a camera rig? Caleb Pike shows you how you can create a simple, yet strong, camera rig with interchangeable parts without having to spend a fortune doing it.

Pike came up with this easy and affordable setup when he was playing around with a cage setup for a video project. He says the each part in the video costs roughly fifteen dollars.


He starts his rig by mounting a Arca Swiss clamp onto a cage, allowing him to then mount any Arca Swiss plates on top of the cage and camera. He recommends first mounting a “really long Arca Swiss plate,” allowing you to mount different accessories through its quarter-twenty bolts and it's tapped female 1/4-20s. “You can pretty much mount anything,” says Pike.

“From there I can add another quick release plate and interchange [the plates] on the fly,” Pike says.

Pike’s quick rig approach emphasizes that you don’t need all your camera equipment attached to your camera at all times. “A lot of the time we don’t need every accessory we own on our camera,” Pike says. “Often we’re doing audio specific tasks, monitor or rigging specific tasks, video recorders, battery solutions, several different things, but we don’t always need them all the time.”

So Pike’s rig is meant to simplify your mounting setup, allowing you to quickly attach and detach equipment.

“It’s really really versatile,” says Pike. “It gives you a lot of flexibility.” The setup even lets you move your mount equipment up and down the plate so you can position it where you want it to be.

Using this setup seems like it could save you a lot of time when switching equipment and reminds us that we don’t need all of our awesome gear on our camera at all times. Keep it simple and use what you need.

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Sean Berry
Sean Berry is a blogger and Videomaker Contributing Editor.