With the increasing number of drone regulations being passed and just the basic risk factor of using your drone in a public area, it’s getting harder and harder to get those stunning aerial tracking shots that drones are known for. Wiral LITE have created a Kickstarter campaign for a camera cable system looks to solve these limitations.


The Wiral LITE seems to be a simple and pretty inexpensive alternative to drone tracking shots. It’s said to support mounting with smartphones, action cameras and mirrorless cameras up to 3.3lb.


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To set up the system, you'll take Wiral’s rope and attach its two ends to the starting and ending points, then tighten the rope using an included cinch strap. After that, you mount whatever camera or phone you’re using to the cable’s cam unit, extended out the unit’s two wheel arms, and loop it onto the rope. Once you do all that, it’s ready to go.


You control the cam unit with a wireless remote that sends it across the wire, which is said to have a maximum range of 656 ft and can move the cam unit between 0.006 mph and 28 mph.


When compared against a drone, the Wiral LITE seemed to fare pretty well.


There are obviously probably some limitations with the Wiral LITE that drones don’t have — the entire system is suspended on a single cable after all. There has to be two nearby structures for the Wiral LITE to work, but it does look like a great alternative to drones in places they can’t go. You can reportedly use the system to get flight like shots in narrow areas where you’d really be risking it with a drone. Also the Wiral LITE is supposedly allowed to film above crowds, which is mostly illegal for drones. It also has a much longer battery life than drones, promising about three hours with one charge.


Right now, the Wiral LITE’s Kickstarter campaign is doing well, and if you’re interested in purchasing the system, you can pledge $199 now to pre-order. If you wait until it reaches production, it will be priced at $399. Check out Wiral LITE’s Kickstarter page for more information about the Wiral LITE.

Sean Berry is a blogger and Videomaker Associate Editor.