This App Wants to Turn Your Phone into a Professional Video Recorder and Monitor

A new app from Vidrus called Recto aims to turn any decent smartphone into a professional HDMI or SDI video recorder or monitor.

“Recto turns your device into an HDMI or SDI recorder. Capturing from external video sources opens a new frontier, especially when recording from your DSLR, video camera or any video device to your phone as dual video recording, which gives the ability to share instantly to any online platform,” says Vidrus.

Vidrus says that Recto has a simple setup, only needing a connected USB to HDMI or SDI converter, also call a USB UVC Grabber card. After that’s connected, you can start recording your video input.

Vidrus believes that so many phone nowadays have the potential to be great monitors, so with Recto they’ve giving smartphones monitoring tools to help smartphones become the professional monitors they have the potential to be.

"We included monitoring tools to help using your device like any professional monitor. Histogram, centre marker, grid, image flip as well take a picture are all monitoring features available in our application,” says Vidrus.

Check out this latency between a camera's normal display and a smartphone using the Recto app:

The app is capable of recording video and audio up to 1080p and saves video files as MP4 files. The app doesn’t however work with internal phone cameras.

The app costs $4.99 in the Google Play Store. To get more information on this app go to Vidrus’ website.

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's managing editor.

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