Sony’s Pro Audio Division is showcasing new prototypes for three new Hi-Resolution microphones. The microphones are named the C-100 Hi-Res mic, the ECM-100U Hi-Res Uni-Directional mic, and the ECM-100N Hi-Res Omni-Directional Mic. Sony says that these mics are designed for both professional studios and home recording. All three off the microphones are reportedly capable of high frequency responses up to 50kHz.

In a blog, Sony detailed what the intended uses are for the three mics. “These new models build on Sony’s legendary studio microphone heritage and continue its recent development of Hi-Res audio products.  The side address mic, C-100 is optimized for vocal use, while the two end address models (one cardioid: ECM-100U and one omnidirectional: ECM-100N) are ideal for instruments.  With a body structure that prevents acoustic vibration, a high frequency response up to 50kHz and high sensitivity, the new microphones offer unrivaled sound quality.”


The C-100 Hi-Res Mic is said to have a two-way structure that Sony says incorporates newly developed capsules that deliver a wide frequency response of 20Hz to 50kHz. The microphone is also supposed to prevent acoustic vibration with a two-part metallic body design.

For the ECM-100U and the ECM-100N Hi Res Mics, Sony says that they are ideal for recording instruments with low-cut filters that are supposed to essentially eliminate noise with low-frequencies and proximity effects.



Sony also unveiled the 3rd generation DWX series, which included the DWT-BO3R bodypack transmitter, which they say is a smaller and lighter digital wireless bodypack transmitter; the DWR-R03D, a 1U ultra-wideband 2-channel digital wireless rackmount receiver; the BC-DWX1, the battery charger for the DWT-BO3R and NP-BX 1; and the ECM-77LM, which is a omnidirectional electret condenser microphone that Sony says provides “a wide frequency response, high sensitivity, and low-noise.”


To learn more about Sony’s new Hi-Res Mic, check out their blog post and see their other blog post for more on the 3rd generation of DWK products.

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